District Notice

Important message for schools on Spring Break

Tansi, Edlánat’e, Hello!

We would like to thank students, parents, staff and community members for supporting a welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and healthy learning environment.

We recognize that holidays are an important time for everyone to rest and reconnect with families.

To everyone who plays a part in education, enjoy the spring break and when school resumes, come back ready for a great finish to the school year and make every day count.

To learn more about the Attendance Improvement Initiative "Every Day Counts" visit our website http://nsd61.ca/programs/attendance-improvement-initiative

Hai Hai, Masi Cho, Thank you. 

Radio Message!

Click here to listen to Spring Break/Attendance Improvement Initiative "Every Day Counts" Initiative radio advertisement!


NOTE: Most of our schools are taking Spring Break now but some schools will be taking their break on different dates. Visit our calendar for details http://nsd61.ca/about-us/calendar#month/2017/03

Tansi, Edlánat'e, Bonjour, Hello!

Anzac/Bill Woodward School is a one campus/two school model with grades K-4 in Anzac School and 5-12 in Bill Woodward School. In the heart of Alberta's oil sands both schools continue to grow as quickly as the oil sands development around them. At Anzac/Bill Woodward School we strive to provide a quality education that will enhance the development of the whole child in a safe and caring environment.

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